Manual Upright Arm Lever Dispenser SD6060


Manual arm lever dispenser made of stainless steel, aluminum, or RAL color coated steel in upright design for EURO bottles (500-1000ml) of all soap and disinfectant manufacturers. Pump nose cover made of plastic. Made in Germany.


    The SD6060 has a wire arm lever and a plastic panel that pulls out like a drawer for the pump replacement. The dispenser is not offered as a Multi. use and exclusively without drip tray and is therefore only suitable for wall mounting.

    Item No.DescriptionRRP
    SD6060Manual Stainless Steel Wall Dispenser 109,00€
    SD6060-11Piston Stroke Pump for SD60604,00€
    SD6060-90Arm Lever for SD6060 from bent wire6,00€

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