Manual Upright Arm Lever Dispenser SD6000

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Manual arm lever dispenser made of stainless steel, aluminum, or RAL color coated steel in upright design for EURO bottles (500-1000ml) of all soap and disinfectant manufacturers. Pump nose cover made of gray plastic. Made in Germany.

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    – Available in stainless steel, aluminum, or RAL color coated steel.
    – A lockable housing size for 500ml or 1000ml EURO bottles of all soap and disinfectant manufacturers
    – Suitable for use with disinfectants, gels, soaps, oils, or even lotions
    – Easy pump change from the front by folding away the pump nose cover. The dispenser does not have to be removed from the wall
    – Plastic piston stroke disposable pump in three variants: jet, foam, or spray mist
    – Three different dosing quantities of 0.8ml, 1.2ml, and 1.8ml adjustable
    – Made in Germany
    – Suitable for wall mounting or freestanding in combination with drip tray
    – Instruction manual in German and English with “Soap” and “Disinfection” stickers
    – Drip trays made of stainless steel or plastic in the colors white, green, blue, and pink
    – Bottle end panel available in four variants: with/without stainless steel drip tray, with large/small viewing window
    – XXL arm lever
    – Adapter for use in front of Ophardt pumps
    – Adhesive mounting set
    – From a quantity of 100 pieces, the dispensers can be printed with individual logo

    Dimensions WxHxD in mm:
    – SD6000: 180x340x200mm
    (Without arm lever and drip tray: 180x320x105mm)

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    Item No.DescriptionRRP
    SD6000Stainless steel arm lever dispenser89,00€
    SD6000-55Anti-theft protection5,00€
    SD6000-90Stainless steel arm lever- long5,00€
    SD6000-91Stainless steel arm lever- short5,00€

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