Manual Upright Arm Lever Dispenser SD2015

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The SD2015 Multi. Use is our new multifunctional arm lever dispenser produced in best German quality.

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    This SD2015 Multi.Use meets the highest hygiene requirements of hospitals or nursing homes, as well as the customer demands in the hotel industry, gastronomy, retail trade, public places, and schools.
    Special features:
    – It can be used for both 500ml and 1000ml EURO-bottles
    – Suitable for disinfectants, liquid soaps, lotions, and massage oils
    – There are various Euraneg pumps such as foam, spray, and jet available as well as the Ophardt disposable DHP pump
    – There is a possibility to select dosing quantity that ensures optimal hand hygiene and care
    – Thanks to a new type of fixations, different hygiene packagings can be used
    – Individual customization with logo or text prints and color combinations of the arm levers and drip trays is possible
    – H350 x W100 x D180 mm (D218 mm; W150 mm with drip tray and arm lever)
    Our wish was to put the functionalities of more dispensers in one and to create a multifunctional dispenser. That is why this dispenser is called “Multi.Use“, which means that it can be adapted to changing requirements and hygiene regulations.
    If you have any further questions or need more information, please feel free to make a request via the form above, and we will help you as soon as possible.

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    Item No.DescriptionWxHxD in mmPriceincl. VAT
    SD2015-wManual arm lever dispenser for 500 and 1000ml
    EURO-bottles (white) Basis (bulk packing in polybag 20 pcs
    in a box, without pump, wall mounting plate, and stickers)
    150x350x21825,00 €29,75 €
    SD2015-z Manual arm lever dispenser for 500 and 1000ml
    EURO-bottles (white) Standard
    150x350x21833,00 €39,27 €
    SD2015-cManual arm lever dispenser for 500 and 1000ml
    EURO-bottles (white) Customized
    150x350x21834,00 €40,46 €

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